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Pay with Boost on FoodPanda to receive a cash back of RM20

Customers can now pay for any purchase on FoodPanda using Boost, either on the foodpanda website or Android mobile app. This makes Boost, the first e-wallet that can be used there.

Spend RM20, get a refund of RM20.

In the meantime, through the ‘Boost Meal Spending’ campaign, Boost would like to give a 100% cash back limited to RM20 for each customer. You only need to spend a minimum of RM20 on FoodPanda and pay using Boost to get the money back.

The return will be stored in your Boost account and can be used for subsequent orders.

The campaign lasts for 3 days only, starting August 18 to August 20, 2021. It starts from 10am to 8pm. Only 1000 customers will receive a refund, on each day during the campaign period.

In addition, from 24 August to 30 November 2021, customers have the opportunity to receive a 12% cash back, with a limit of RM5, when spending a minimum of RM20. A user is only eligible to receive two cash backs in a month during the campaign period.

For more information, you can follow Boost’s official social media network on Facebook and Instagram as well as its official website here.

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