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Patient from MAEPS reluctant to Go Home, saying the Food there is Great

Most Covid-19 patients who are quarantined in Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) complained that the quarantine center is sometimes hot, sometimes cold and crowded. Despite those complaints, a patient has a different view on the quarantine center and he is reluctant to go home now.

The Covid-19 patient, Muhammad Nazirul Hakim Arman shared his experience with MStar and he commented “Food is great, I don’t want to go home! The menu is paradise!”

In addition, he said that the nurse there were pretty too!

Source: Mstar

He even made a video of the quarantine center depicting the situation in MAEPS, including the hall where their beds were, the long queue for bath and the lively atmosphere when the moon rises.

“I made new friends there, and what I did not expect is the food there was delicious!”

“For example, we had tomato rice with a variety of dishes, tuna, Ayam Masak Merah, and fried fish for the past 2 or 3 days.”

“There’s a long table next to our bed, and we have our meal together. It’s really enjoyable.”

Source: Mstar

Apart from that, he said that he can pray with other Muslim patients every day. He added that the people there are very friendly and kind, which indirectly helped him overcome his illness. He was allowed to leave the isolation center and go home to recuperate the next day.

He said that if you have negative thoughts about getting sick before coming here, you will get sick naturally. Similarly, if you feel unhappy, you don’t want to socialize with everyone.

He was very grateful that he didn’t have any serious symptoms, just fever and sore throat. He said that having a friend next to him when he is sick will more or less make him forget the pain caused by the illness.

He also did not forget to show his appreciation to the medical staff who worked hard at the center. He said that the medical staff will give full assistance until the patient can go home safely, which is really admirable.

In addition, he was shocked to find out the Grab fare from here to Sabak Bernam was as much as RM250, which is unaffordable for him. Fortunately, the ambulance will be giving them a ride home, along with other patients who cannot afford the fare.

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