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OnlyFans model revealed she received request from fans to buy her poo for RM3,300

An OnlyFans model has revealed that there are people who pay to watch videos of her farting in public.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Inside OnlyFans podcast, Bree Essrig revealed that some of her fans even had a bizarre request to buy her poo for £600 (RM3,313) on OnlyFans, which offers X-rated content to subscribers.

Bree also noted that the market for fart stuff is considered lucrative.

“They can either pay per fart or I’ll do a compilation of a bunch of farts and it will be like a 30-second video.

“I’m fully clothed and will be out in public like, ‘I have a fart, shhh’, and then I’ll hold the fart in my butt and unleash it,” she said.

Bree said she came across the bizarre money-making scheme after fans had requested the content.

She, however, said her bizarre talent goes back to her childhood.

“I was raised in a very open family.

“My dad taught me to burp on command and how to make my farts louder.”

Although her family is aware of the nature of her work, Bree said conversations about her job with her parents are limited.

“They know but they don’t want to know.

“My dad and I talk about the money part of it because I ask him for financial advice but we don’t talk about anything else.”

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