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NTV7 will be replaced by MOE’s DidikTV starting 17 Feb 2021

NTV7 had been the favorite channel for many 90s kid and it feels nostalgic when NTV7 is being replaced with another channel from Ministry of Education (MOE). Its last transmission will be on today.

Starting 17 February 2021, the channel will be replaced with DidikTV and it is an educational channel by MOE. The aim was to increase access of quality education to the students nationwide.

NTV7 first started in 1998 and it is the 4th channel in Malaysia after TV1, TV2 and TV3. At that point in time, most families could not afford Astro and TV8 is only available in West Malaysia.

Looking back, NTV7 had brought joy to many kids with the famous Japanese anime series such as Doraemon, Shin Chan, several series of Ultraman, Kamen rider and many other cartoons.

Netizen’s response

Most had expressed their sentimental feelings towards the cartoons that NTV7 had been airing and these are their pleasant childhood memories. Does anyone remember their “feel good” music? Watch the compilation above!

According to MOE, DidikTV will be airing for 17 hours a day and it will run educational content based on SPM curriculum and co-curriculum. The air time starts from 7a.m. and will end at midnight.

NTV7 legacy will not be gone-gone. The programmes that was previously broadcasted by NTV7 will be aired on TV3 and TV9.


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