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New homeowner discovers creepy doll with a note hidden inside wall of new home

Going to a new home can be exciting and something to anticipate. However, a schoolteacher in the UK encountered something creepy at his new house.

According to a report on Liverpool Echo, Jonathan Lewis saw a wire poking out from where the previous house owners placed their fridge.

The 32-year-old simply couldn’t figure out where the wire was coming from, so, he knocked through the plasterboard underneath the staircase.

When the plasterboard gave way, he saw a space inside. Upon closer inspection, he was taken aback to see a rag doll sitting in the space.

That’s seriously creepy!

What’s even creepier was the fact that the doll had a note on it lap.

“‘Dear reader/ new homeowner, thank you for freeing me! My name is Emily. My original owners lived in this house in 1961. I didn’t like them so they had to go. All they did was sing and be merry. It was sickening. Stabbing was my choice of death for them so I hope you have knives. Hope you sleep well,” read the note.

That’s enough to make anyone run in the opposite direction.

However, Lewis stayed on despite being adviced by his friends to move out.

Lewis felt that the whole thing was merely a prank and he found it hilarious.

Lewis said the estate agent told him that the kitchen was only done four or five years ago, and he suspects that the note was left in the space then as the paper didn’t look very old either.

It later turned out that Lewis’ instinct was right.

After Lewis’ encounter was published in Liverpool Exco, the former homeowner stepped forward to explain that she was the one who left the doll and the note behind the wall.

The woman said the family was in the midst of redoing their kitchen in 2015 and came up with this “really funny idea” after a few glasses of wine.

She said they completely forgot about it and didn’t have any ill intentions.

She added that they happily lived there for 25 years and that the only things that have died in the house are a hamster and a couple of fish.

We would have left the house immediately after discovering the toy!

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