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Namewee fights back against Police Reports made against “Babi” poster

Namewee fights back against Police Reports made against “Babi” poster

A Malaysian director and singer, Namewee, had recently released his new controversial film, with title “Babi”, and this sparked anger of a member of Pemuda Perikatan Nasional. A police report was lodged against the poster used for promoting the film, which contains the word “Babi”.

There are 3 main points that Namewee wants to address and clarify in this video.

Addressing the Police Report

Namewee had emphasizes that the file “Babi” is about school violence and the cause of this fight is mainly the misunderstanding and intolerance between races for a long time. The message of this film is the importance of unity and tolerance between races. Namewee too hopes that Malaysians can be united instead of becoming divided and cause internal conflicts.

With regards to the “Babi” word in the poster, Namewee explained that the poster had been intentionally made into a racial issue as the poster does not only contain “Malayu B*doh”, but it contains “Cina Babi” and “India Keling”.

“Babi” will not be released in Malaysia

Many may be excited to watch the film and unfortunately, this film will not be on the screens in Malaysia. Namewee had clarified that the film was not banned in Malaysia, however, it was his decision to not apply to Lembaga Penapis Filem (LPF) for local viewing.

The Film will only be shown in selected cinemas in Taiwan as Namewee had already know that the film will most likely be rejected in the review.

Learning from the mistakes from Malaysia

Namewee had left his marks on the international stage while telling everyone that he’s proud to be a Malaysian. Despite the criticism and actions that was taken against him, he still maintains his identity as a proud Malaysian.

It seemed that Malaysia have a issue with recognizing the efforts of local talents and supporting them. Forcing them to leave the country to search for better supports or platforms that they can showcase their talent.

Furthermore, Namewee stated that he had been the punching bag by several parties for political matters, and this had severely damaged his reputation.

There are many works that he have done that promotes unity among Malaysians, and here is one of his best songs that you can find in the video above too. This song had been sung multiple times in schools during the patriotic month.

Namewee too express that he is disappointed that the authorities do not exercise professional judgement in handling the case. He too hopes that the public supports him by sharing this video out to let more people know about the current situation in Malaysia.

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