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Myvi strikes again, making the impossible possible

As heavy rains continue or pour this monsoon season, flood continues to cover parts of Malaysia. This makes travelling inconvenient. However, floods does not stop Myvi and recently a Myvi is caught travelling through the flood without any problems.

It was shared on facebook by LUMUT, Perak, that the streets of Kota Tinggi had been flooded for at least up to the ankle, and of course, a wild Myvi passes by, sweeping the ankle-level flood along its way.

There’s a long history of what Myvi can do and here’s the list of the collection.

1. Harvest paddy

2. Fits even a sofa!

3. Going downstairs

4. Fast and furious

5. Park at unbelievable spots

Myvi had been granted the title of “King of the roads” by netizens for being able to perform much more than other cars too.

If you own a Myvi, do you think you can perform one of these. Leave a comment below!

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