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MySejahtera App invades your privacy much more than you know!

MySejahtera App invades your privacy much more than you know!

MySejahtera is the application that we use daily since the widespread of Covid-19. Upon installation of the application, did you read through the terms of the service provided? Bet you did not!

Apparently, MySejahtera application has something more than what’s stated in the terms. According to our netizen, Fat Bidin, MySejahtera application is collecting data from your phone and there are up to several permissions which you must give in order to use this application.

The privacy concerns had been raised by several parties previously and the government had promised that the data collected will only be used for contact tracing purposes. Let us have a look at the purpose of the data collection and promises which was released to public through their website.

Source: MySejahtera

Our netizen, Fat Bidin, had introduced Exodus Privacy, a website that does researches on privacy invasion by application or websites, and full of surprises, MySejahtera requires up to 24 permissions to be given before you start using this application.

Here’s the video of Fat Bidin explaining the details.


In the video, he had explained on the more severe privacy issues that in his view, should not be part of the application. This covers the following.

  • Take control of your device and pair with other devices using Bluetooth
  • Directly call phone numbers on your phone
  • Find and read accounts or contact on your phone
  • Read the contents on your external storage, i.e. SD cards
  • Modify or delete the contents in the external storage
  • Prevent your phone from snipping
  • Modify the contents in your phone

After reading these privacy breaches, do you feel save with handling the Government of Malaysia your information and the permissions that you must give to use the application. It’s a dilemma that we all Malaysians need to face, either to use the application for our daily travel, or face fines for not checking in using the application.

Share your thoughts on the privacy issue that we all Malaysians always neglect in the comments!

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