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MsPuiyi & Oskar Lee split after 1 month together

It appears love has run its course for MsPuiyi (Siew Pui YI). Near the end of May, the local sex icon announced a potential new lover, Oskar Lee.

With a sizzling photoshoot and an intimate Q&A session, it was no wonder the duo grew closer. However, MsPuiyi recently announced some news that shocked many and delighted more. Apparently, things are over between her and Oskar.

MsPuiyi revealed the end of their one-month relationship yesterday (20th June) via her socials. Her initial announcement was simple and to the point. However, she also took the time to share what she had appreciated about Oskar, the time they spent together and their relationship.

You made me happy,” she admitted. “With you, I found a piece of me that I lost because of my career. Words couldn’t describe how thankful I am to be able to enjoy joyful moments as a young 24-year-old with you.” MsPuiyi reminisced the memories they had together, their dinners, jokes and shared secrets. “I will remember that night where we watched “Notting Hill”. I will remember the night when we sang and laughed in the car when it was raining outside,” she wrote. “You even ran out to feel the rain.

Memories aside, what she cherished more were the lessons Oskar taught her. “You gave me a short period of courage and laughter to make me be myself and showed me a time where nothing else matters, just myself; what I like (is) what matters,” MsPuiyi said. She had taken a lot from Oskar’s kind and caring nature, but admitted they knew they had different lives to live. “But I’m glad we met,” she said. “Or as you said: What happens, happens. No regrets.

MsPuiyi ended her bittersweet letter with her well wishes to Oskar. Apparently, the 22-year-old model will be returning to school. “Thank you for everything and (for) being so nurturing,” she said. “Just live well. Take care.” That’s certainly one way to end what she had termed “a summer fling”!

However, reactions to her break up were wildly varied. Some struggled to understand how her short fling was such a big deal. “After a MONTH!?” one netizen exclaimed. Another commented: “Jesus Christ girl…..no need to write a book about it!!! You will get over it when the next guy turns up.” One even scorned her relationship. “A relationship born out of looks and materialism?” they wrote. “Colour me effing surprised, LOL.” Some felt her reaction was too much. “Fake drama, for real,” one stated, adding laughing emojis.

Others were quick to speculate why they broke up. Several joked she was bored of him. Some claimed it was something to do with his length. However, there were of course, plenty of netizens willing to take Oskar’s place. “I’ve been waiting all day for your post,” one claimed. “Don’t be sad anymore. Let me take (his) place. (I) will continue to protect you, love you and accompany you for the rest of your life,” another said.

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