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M’sians fell victim to ads promising high-paying jobs overseas, got scammed and abused there

While many of us are looking for better job opportunities to cope with the rising cost of living, we should be aware of some “too-good-to-be-true” job postings overseas. Very often, these jobs are listed as Customer Service Representatives and offers a very attractive pay.

According to Sin Chew Daily, Li Han Lin from the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department said several Malaysians have fell for such scams and found themselves to be subjects of abuse.

In the press conference, he said that these job scams are becoming more rampant, and shared an ad that wrote “If you want to earn fast money, look here. Salary + commission. Salary: RM8,000 – 10,000. Based in Thailand, welcome 18-32 years old.”

Source: Sin Chew

Li said that after the victims have gone overseas (normally Myanmar) they will be brought to a “base camp” where they are forced to work without being paid.

He further explained that there were over 4,000 people in these “base camps” and about 10% of them are Malaysians.

Source: Sin Chew

According to Li, some of them will be given roles of customer service representatives while others were given a variety of other responsibilities. He added if they do not meet the requirements, they will be punished via beatings, electrocution, force-fed mice, chilli or bitter gourd.

Some were placed under house arrest and not given any food. Meanwhile, some will have trackers installed on their phones, while some got their phones confiscated.

Li said some of them managed to escape from these “base camps”, but they are worried that their family will be “disturbed” by these people so they do not dare to report it to the police.

He said he has received about 10 reports of such incidents and hopes that the victims will come forward to lodge a police report about what they faced so that the authorities can take action.

Li also hopes that parents are aware of their children’s actions so that they will not fall victim to such human trafficking scams.

He urged those who have come across such suspicious advertisements to report them to the authorities.

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