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M’sians Called For Khairy To Get His Children Vaccinated Live On TV To Set An Example

The Health Ministry (KKM) has recently announced that conditional approval for the use of Pfizer Inc’s Covid-19 vaccine for children aged between 5 and 11 years old.

The Pfizer vaccine given will be Comirnaty 10mg, which is not as strong as the normal one given to adults.

This is supposedly great news for Malaysians, but it did not go well with parents.

Source: FMT

In an Instagram post by Buletin TV3, many had called for Khairy to have his kids and the children of other ministers get vaccinated first, and more importantly doing it in a live session for the country to see.

“Inject your children first. Make sure it’s shown live too,” m.amrddn said.

“Do a live session vaccination on KJ’s children and see what the effects are on them. If they are healthy, Insyallah.” zubaidahghazali8905 commented.

“Inject your children, your close relatives first and do it live. We, the Malaysian people, want to see.” ummikalsumbuyong said.

Meanwhile, many netizens pointed out the controversy where parents can choose not to get their child vaccinated, but schools mandated their children to be vaccinated before going back to classes.

With this, some even said they are willing to end their children’s education, just for the sake of their health.

Source: Malay Mail

“I’m sorry. I do not allow for my children to be vaccinated. If this causes my kids to not be allowed into their schools to study, I accept that.” e_liana84 said.

“If my children are forced to be vaccinated, I am willing to not send my children to school.” littlerayyan_dd said.

On the other hand, there were a handful of parents who believed that children’s immune system is strong enough to battle the risk of Covid-19 infections. Hence, there’s no need for them to be vaccinated.

Will you let your children be vaccinated against Covid-19? Share your thoughts!

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