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M’sians are standing up against Non-Bumiputeras “Pendatang” Mentality after a Controversial Tweet

Malaysia is a multi-racial country and we often referred ourselves as the international hub of diversity. Nonetheless, racial issue had been one of the major issues that Malaysians have to deal with too.

Once in a while, we’ll get some one to remind the non-Bumiputeras that they are “pendatang” or “migrants”. In addition, these privileged people often fail or choose to ignore the worst issues faced by the country’s minorities.

A few days ago, a netizen’s comment on Twitter went viral on social media and this made us realised that the broken system had planted its roots so deep into the mentality of the younger generation that it will one day be the bane of the nation.

The Twitter user, @m4ryyyyyy said “In the nutshell, it’s always the non-bumi university-students yang memekak pasal tak dapat placement. First of all, hak Bumiputera wujud as a win-win situation for the Malays yang sanggup share country with pendatang dari luar negara & ada je Malays yang tak dapat placement FYI.”

Source: Twitter

In this particular reply, she is referring to an Indian student who achieved straight A’s in the SPM examination but failed to get a Unit Pusat Universiti (UPU) or Bahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar IPT (BPKP) placement.

The woman who tweeted about the “Pendatang” had ignited the flames from within netizen’s hearts and they attacked her violently for spouting such words. A popular YouTuber, Arwind Kumar had stood up to condemn her too.

In a Instagram post, he clarify that all Malaysians are in fact “Pendatang” and the only genuine inhabitants of Malaysia are those from the Orang Asli community. Hence, we should all stop stereotyping other races in order to maintain the unity, peace and harmony of our country.

At the same time, another Instagram user, The Loud Asians pointed out that the quota system existing in the Malaysian education system is an outdated system that require a rework. Nonetheless, they also touched on the “Melayu Malas” stereotype commonly used by existing politicians.

They clarified that the woman’s argument of non-Bumiputeras are “Pendatang” is valid as almost all non-Bumiputeras are already 3rd or 4th generation in their families.

“This shouldn’t be questioned anymore as it is in our constitution that those born before Malaysia Day and after are all granted citizenship.”

Hence, they had started the “Saya Bukan Pendatang” movement and formed a petition called #PendidikanUntukSemua, urging the quota system in the Public Education Institution to be be abolished or revised.

The changes they are pushing for are as follows:

  • Increase in non-Bumiputera seat placements
  • Prioritisation of B40 and M40 applications irrespective of race
  • The National Economic Policy was to eliminate poverty. A similar formula should be applied and enforced for the non-Bumiputera
  • Build more public universities
  • Provide appropriate support to teachers and lecturers

In addition, The Loud Asians also highlighted that there are many Malays who failed to get a UPU placement and they encourage them to sign the petition as it gives priority based on income-group rather than race.

Sign the petition here!

Racism had been causing Malaysians to suffer more than you think. It is time to put an end to this and set policies based on facts. Let’s stand together as Malaysians!

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