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M’sian encourages those underprivileged to borrow from PTPTN to study & not pay it back

Many of us have student debts to think of, long after we’ve graduated. What’s more, we feel thankful for having the opportunity to study thanks to the loans given.

However, some people don’t feel so thankful and have even gone so far as to encourage others to destroy such opportunities.

An anonymous posting was submitted to the UPM Confession 2.0 Facebook page. The author suggested that those who cannot afford to study should take on PTPTN loans and not pay them back later.

They wrote, “Everyone, if you come from a family that is too poor to send you to a university and you do not want to work, I suggest you borrow from PTPTN, because its interest is only 1%, which can reduce many of your burdens while studying at a university.”

The author then went on to encourage potential borrowers not to return their loans accordingly. “You need to know the truth, you don’t have to return the PTPTN money. 15 years after you graduate, even if you don’t return the money, the government can’t do anything about it.”

They explained that the most the government could do is prevent you from going overseas.

“After 15 years, if you don’t pay back the money, at most you just won’t get to go abroad. I don’t plan to pay mine (PTPTN loan) off, considering I have no intentions to go overseas.”

It’s truly saddening that these sorts of actions can cause others to lose out on opportunities to obtain PTPTN loans to study.

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