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M’sian amused by DBKL for Warning him to repaint his old Chinatown Building or be Jailed

Last Friday (30 July), a netizen, Kenneth took it to his Instagram to share the letter he received from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), requesting him to repaint the exterior of his building.

Kenneth finds this matter surprising and he highlighted some valid points in the video he shared, at the same time seeking for netizen’s opinion on this matter.

In the video, he said “I was surprised by a present given by the DBKL.” and he showed the content of the letter issued by DBKL, which it wrote “An investigation has been done and it was found that your premise’s paint is faded and dirty. With this notice given, please wash, repaint or renovate the front, side and back of your premise with high-quality paint.”

In the letter, DBKL also states that if he does not repaint his building in 30 days, he will be charged under Section 75 of Local Government Act 1976, where if found guilty, he could be fined up to RM1,000 or be in prison for 6 months.

Source: Instagram

Kenneth then call out do DBKL and said “To those of you in DBKL, you guys really so free ah?”

He explains that his shop lot is located in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur and it is a very old building. He added that the building is known as a Chinatown building for the fact that it’s appearance is not perfect and is a little old. This is where we get the feel of Chinatown too.

Next, he said that we are currently still in the lockdown and he is unsure if he is able to find a contractor to repaint his building if he wanted to.

“Businesses are currently suffering, and DBKL you are so free to give all these summonses, you don’t have better things to do?” he said, adding that his business is currently closed and not making any revenue.

Source: Instagram

He also gave a scenario whereby he managed to get contractors to repaint his building, will the contractors be summoned by the authorities? He also pointed out who should be liable for the compound issued for violating the SOP?

“This is a just a really funny thing I encountered, so I thought I would share with you guys to have a good laugh about it, about how our government is prioritising what is important currently.” he said.

Following that, he asks netizens whether they know someone working in the DBKL that can help him solve the issue.

As we all know, business owners in Malaysia are already from the movement restriction and something absurd like this isn’t helping us in any way.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

Watch the full video from Kenneth here:

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