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Mom Puts Mannequin Head In Fridge To Deal With Hyperactive Kids

One of the biggest challenges for young parents is to deal with spirited children who are keen to explore their surroundings regardless of consequences. Some parents may address the issue in a constructive manner, while others may lose their patience after repeated attempts to curb the habit.

For this 21-year-old mom in Vietnam, after unsuccessful efforts in restricting her son’s access to the fridge, she decided to wholeheartedly embrace his hyperactive tendencies. The creative young parent came up with a unique way to guard the fridge by putting a mannequin head inside it.

Here’s how her move had unintended effects on other family members as well.

Facebook user Kim Yến shared a picture of a mannequin head on Facebook group Cháo Hành Miễn Phí depicting a true story that’s guaranteed to give your funny bone a workout.

According to the OP, the mannequin head belongs to her 21-year-old elder sister who happens to be the mother of a 2-year-old boy. 

Described as spirited and hyperactive, the boy loved to open the fridge, often causing chaos in the kitchen. Seeing that her warnings no longer had an impact on his behavior, the young mom decided to take action. To scare him away from the fridge, she placed a mannequin head within it.

When her toddler chose to open the fridge again, he unwittingly burst into tears at the sight of the mannequin head. Meanwhile, the innovative mom couldn’t help but howl with the laughter at the scene.

Unknown to the OP’s sister, her son wasn’t the only one scared by the mannequin head. Even though the “childproof” product had stayed in the fridge for several days, her family still couldn’t get used to it.

“The mannequin head scares the daylight out of me when I open the fridge to get some water at night,” says Kim Yến.

In a comment, the OP added that her nephew has grown accustomed to the mannequin head’s presence in the house. He now enjoys playing with the mannequin head. 

There are different ways to childproof your fridge.

When a child becomes fascinated with exploring the cold storage, parents should devise a solution to restrict their access. 

Just like any items in the house, a fridge can also pose a danger to your child. To make sure your child doesn’t mess around with the fridge unattended, you should childproof the item.

From using a baby gate or installing fridge locks, there are multiple ways that you can try to keep your babies safe around the fridge without scaring the whole family.

For this particular family, however, their solution has already created pretty memorable moments for their little one.

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