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Midas touch, turn waste plastics into Gold now

Grab a bottle of coke or can drinks on your way home and throw the waste into the trash can? This is what we commonly do. What if we tell you that you can now turn these waste into Gold?

Yes! You’ve did not read it wrongly. You can now turn these plastic and aluminum waste into GOLD! This project is brought to you by HelloGold and Klean, and it had been ongoing for some time now.

Source: HelloGold

How do you do it?

HelloGold had setup these vending machines with Klean throughout Klang Valley and all you need to do is drop the waste into them. You’ll need to download the HelloGold application from Google Playstore and register an account with them.

HelloGold will give you credits and you can convert these credits into Gold. They are exchanging the bottles or cans for up to 0.00059 grams of Gold each!

These credits can be converted into other items such as airtime, smart card credit, and food vouchers too.

Source: Hello Gold

There are currently around 40 vending machines in Klang Valley and they are targeting to fix around 500 vending machines across Malaysia. This initiative is to encourage Malaysians to recycle and this is a good habit because emerging economies such as Malaysia, often consume and produce plastic wastes.

In case if you are wondering whether is there any real gold within all these fancy things. HelloGold stores it gold in a Singaporean vault and for every dollar you invest in them, they are converted into actual gold. However, you won’t be able to hold these physical gold.

Do you feel that you have the powers of midas? A simple touch will turn your plastic and aluminum waste into GOLD!

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