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Megatron in Theme Park rebuke visitor for making rude gesture

Here’s a great reason why you should never be rude to any one in public: some one might take a video of you, upload it onto social media and you’ll forever live in infamy.

This one theme park visitor found that out the hard way. A visitor at a Chinese theme park behaved rudely to one of the characters in the park and probably lived to regret it.

The visitor showed his middle finger to a robot modelled after the ‘Transformers’ character Megatron at the new Universal Beijing Resort, before attempting to take photos with it.

Not being able to take it, the robot responded angrily.

“Your gesture is too rude. Haven’t your father and mother taught you [to behave yourself]? Foolish rascal, foul human! Go away, I don’t want to take a picture with him,” said the robot.

The robot’s response uses manipulation by the park’s employees, instead of the usual artificial intelligence settings, hence the clever response.

And we absolutely loved it!

The whole incident was recorded on video and went viral on social media.

The footage showed a park employee trying to stop the man from showing his middle finger but to no avail.

“He didn’t think it was shameful, but thought it was fun. He even laughed,” a WeChat user commented.

“He didn’t respect others. His face shouldn’t be blurred,” another user said.

In response to the incident, the resort said it would not blacklist him as he didn’t break the park’s rules.

However, the park doesn’t encourage such offensive behaviour, said the report.

The report added that bad behaviours at amusement parks in China has often been a subject in the social media.

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