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MCMC Admits Requesting Twitter To Take Down Twitter Posts Against The Govt

In the past few days, the Malaysian government has been heavily criticised for its poor response in managing the flood disasters that have affected several states. Malaysians had gone on social media to slam our ministers for wasting time on organising ceremonies instead of helping in flood relief.

These criticisms are definitely not going to help the government in portraying their good image, it appears that they are cracking down on such tweets and this matter was raised by Twitter user @BadBoy2662.

According to the netizen, he received an email from Twitter informing him that a request has been made by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to remove his tweets claiming that it violated the laws of Malaysia.

However, Twitter has not taken any action on the reported content as it upholds its policy that defends and respects the voice of its users. Twitter also said that it is their policy to inform users if they receive a legal request from an authorised entity to remove content from users’ accounts.

Meanwhile, Twitter also advised the netizen to take appropriate action to protect his/her interest and this may include seeking legal counsel or voluntarily deleting the content.

On the other hand, The Star reported that MCMC has released a statement saying that it is responsible for ensuring online platforms comply with Malaysian laws after a user complained that it had attempted to take down two of his posts.

Based on the links mentioned by Twitter in the email, the posts that MCMC apparently requested to be removed are related to the criticism of Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Rina Harun and another one on a news report about flood victims not being eligible to receive cash aid if they seek refuge at unregistered food relief centres.

Meanwhile, @BadBoy2622 isn’t the only one who received such notice from Twitter and other Twitter users received similar notices.

This incident had once again angered Malaysians and many have criticised the MCMC’s swift action on taking down criticism towards the government, but not doing enough to tackle online sexual harassment, scams and misinformation.

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  1. MCMC doing their job at the very wrong time. When they are supposed to do their job at the right time, they don’t do it. Just like NADMA. Just like Rina Harun. Just like Azmin Ali. Just like Faizal Azumu. Just like our so-called PM.. Almost everyone in the government lack of that caliber leadership skills. They just want power and money and the Rakyat suffers. This has to change.

    I am not suggesting we should change like how we did it in GE14. We should choose leaders within us, within our community, whom we know can do the job effectively. Scrap all those politicians who plays by the power in hand. Welcome those who plays the power by brilliant ideas for developing our future, by knowing the people and their needs. Nevertheless, sometimes I think this democracy doesn’t work here since independence. A republican constitution or something more hybrid should be upheld for a period of time, get things done fast and simple then, we can choose to move back to democratic nation. It’s not easy to get this done but I foresee a lot of positive changes if this happens one day.

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