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Man’s ‘Manhood’ Was Cut Off And Flushed Down Into Toilet

An unfortunate incident occurred to a guy in Taiwan during his sleep.

A 40-year-old woman in Taiwan allegedly cutting off her boyfriend’s penis while he was sleeping and flushed it down a toilet then surrendered herself to the police. The woman who originally hails from Vietnam performed the heinous act as she suspected he was cheating on her.

The incident happened on 30 March at approximately 11pm, in Changhua, Taiwan. Her boyfriend, Huang, 52, found out what happened when he woke up from his sleep and experienced pain around his genital area. He went outside but all he could find were her bloodied slippers.

When questioned by the police, the woman revealed to the police and paramedics that she flushed it down the toilet.

Jealous girlfriend Phung, 40, is alleged to have cut off her boyfriend’s penis and flushed it down the toilet
Credit: AsiaWire

If you’re questioning how did the man not realize his penis was being cut off, he had simply passed out after eating Huadiao wine chicken noodles. The cooking wine has an average alcohol percentage of 16 per cent.

A spokesperson of the hospital stated that while the man’s life is not in danger, he’s only left with 20 per cent of his genitals and it’s unlikely that the rest of his genitals can be found or reattached.

Huang, 52, was rushed to hospital in agonising pain after the attack while he slept
Credit: AsiaWire

The doctor stated the main length of the patient’s ‘manhood’ could not be found and could not be reattached. The remaining part is insufficient to engage in sexual intercourse, therefore the best way is to implant an artificial penis.

Huang’s girlfriend has since said she committed the act on an impulse and regrets her action. The couple been living together for around 10 months but divorcee Phung is said to have suspected her boyfriend – who has previously been married three times and has three children – of cheating.

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