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Man shows off in TikTok and caught LHDN’s attention

TikTok is one of trending social media that people use nowadays. It is being used for good and bad reasons and recently a man had posted a short video bragging about his new luxury car. This video had gained popularity quickly and this had caught Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri’s (LHDN) attention.

The comment LHDN made was “Prepare all your documents ok. Don’t think that we don’t have a presence in TikTok.”

We often hear LHDN going after cases where an individual’s income is not appropriately presented in the tax returns. However, it appears that LHDN had been spying on everyone’s social media, looking for those who’s lifestyle and reported income appear to have some discrepancies.

Truth revealed

Apparently, there are multiply LHDN accounts on twitter and the said LHDN account appears to the not the official account of LHDN. In short, the account belongs to an individual, acting as LHDN. According to LHDN, they do not stop the citizens from bragging about their wealth as it is their freedom to do so. They too had filed a report to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) about the fake accounts existing in TikTok currently. Furthermore, LHDN had advised the people to beware of the fake accounts out there in any social media too.

We all know that our tax returns is the document that the LHDN uses to assess how much tax should we pay for the year. It shows our income and using that, our wealth can be estimated. There are cases where LHDN is able to claim back additional taxes to be paid for the year by valuing the difference between what’s reported in the tax return and the wealth of the individual. Hence, the advice is, always report your income accurately to avoid unnecessary issues in the future.

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