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Man repays mother by withdrawing RM10,000 from EPF as a token of appreciation towards her

We always have days set aside to honour and thank our parents. There’s no reason not to, most parents have made sacrifices for us to live well, even if we don’t always know it.

However, this man decided to give RM10,000 to his mom in appreciation of her. His actions left his mother speechless and netizens touched.

Amran Aminudin recently took advantage of the special withdrawal from his Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF). With some planning, he had decided to take out RM10,000 from his fund and gifted it to his mother (64). Amran shared that he had gotten the idea once the government made the announcement about the special withdrawal.

The surprise had gone flawlessly. Amran had taken his mother to the bank to withdraw the money. She had no clue what his business with the bank was, so she was shocked when he handed her RM10,000 in cash.

Initially speechless, she soon turned to asking her son where the money had come from. Amran was honest with her. “My mom asked why I hadn’t simply kept the money for my old age or saved it for my wedding fund,” he later said.

The 32-year-old shared that he held to the idea because he was sure he could simply earn the money again. Additionally, he claimed he had savings dedicated to his wedding fund, but wanted to set aside the RM10,000 especially for his mother. “What is the value of this RM10,000 compared to the sacrifices (my mom) who gave birth to me and raised me well until I can be independent?” he asked.

The 32-year-old also added that his mother is unwell and getting on in age. “She’s already old, and I’m still young but we don’t know our (fate),” he stated. “I’m worried about not being able to give her (an easy life). Maybe RM10,000 is not much for some, but it is to me.”

Netizens had of course, given their opinions on his actions. Some appreciated the gesture, seeing it as an act of goodwill. Others pointed out that flashing that much cash could be dangerous as people might target them.

However, Amran said he was aware of potential responses and was prepared for such comments. He made it clear his post was meant to be an inspiration to others and nothing more.

With Mother’s Day approaching, many of us are probably racking our brains for ‘the perfect gift’. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a monetary present, but perhaps a small token of appreciation should be given. After all, there’s no denying that most of our parents, especially our mothers and mother figures have done much for us.

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