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Man in Singapore sets up gaming PC in hotel room for 14-day quarantine cost RM31k

This is every gamer’s dream. A man in Singapore undergoing his Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) had a gaming computer set delivered to his hotel where he will be staying for the next 14 days. 

Custom computer retailer, Aftershock PC, shared some snapshots of the man’s setup on their Facebook and Instagram page. 

“Upon request, we assisted with reuniting Vicky with his custom water-cooled ULTRACORE along with his gaming peripherals — the first of a kind that we’ve seen and definitely the ultimate hotel gaming setup.

“Thanks for doing your part to keep Singapore safe Vicky, we hope the PC keeps you occupied in quarantine,” read the post. 

Aftershock PC’s Marketing Director Joe Wee told Mothership SG that the gaming setup is worth close to S$10,000 (RM31,217.74).

He also said that the gaming setup was initially delivered to the man’s place a few months back, but he had just returned to Singapore this month after being overseas since January on business. 

The man can showed his gratitude in the comment section of Aftershock PC’s Instagram post. 

“A big thanks to aftershock and especially Mark for coordinating the entire process to get the PC delivered to my room.

Aftershock PC’s Instagram post has garnered over 1,000 likes with social media users expressing their awes in the comment section. 

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