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Man In Kelantan Grew His RM80 Yam Tree Into One That’s Worth RM100,000

Never underestimate the value of the plants that you commonly see on the streets, some could have worth thousands!

According to Kosmo, an imported yam seller in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan had found his fortune for owning a foreign yam tree known as Alocasia New Guinea Gold.

The tree has a magnificent golden yellow trunk and big leaves, and this particular tree owned by Muhamad Fathi Mat Jat can fetch a whooping price of RM100,000!

To put things in perspective, this tree is worth a Honda Civic or Proton X70 car.

Source: Flickr

In an interview with Kosmo, Muhamad Fathi said he bought an Alocasia New Guinea Gold at RM80 about 5 years ago to be used as a parent tree, but it had grown so much over the years, and given its height, it is worth about RM100,000.

A parent tree is a tree from which a small section or scion is cut and grafted onto a rootstock to propagate a new tree.

“Now, the parent tree that I have is 2.7 meters tall and according to the market, the price is over RM100,000. This parent tree is capable of producing up to 2,000 saplings at once, but I do not intend to sell them,” he said.

Source: Kosmo

Earning his fortune from Exotic Yams

According to Muhamad Fathi, what makes the yam tree special is the golden yellow texture of the tree trunk, hence it was named ‘916 Golden Yam’ by its fans.

He said he initially planted the yam species as a hobby at home but he soon become the foremost supplier of this rare breed in Kelantan.

In addition to the Alocasia New Guinea Gold breed, Muhamad Fathi has several other ‘luxury’ yam breeds such as the Black Mabel Taro, Mojito, Mickey Way, Black Lava, and also the Pharaoh’s Mask, with each having a value of up to tens of thousands of ringgit.

Meanwhile, he also said the price of a yam tree is determined based on the art texture, shape of the tuber, the shape of the leaves, colour highlights, leaf patterns, and the size of the yam.

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