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Man disgusted to discover used condom on his car windshield

Most people who own cars tend to ensure the exterior is clean and presentable.

However, this car owner never expected to have to deal with a used condom on his windshield! Needless to say, he wasn’t happy.

According to the car owner, he had just sent his car for a wash. Everything had been cleaned, both the interior and exterior. He had then left his car parked outside an apartment building. You would think that this would be fine. The worst thing you might have to deal with is probably bird poop. However, you would probably never expect a used condom to fall from a window, and land on your windshield.

The man was horrified when he returned to discover the used condom lying on his windshield. He apparently suspected a couple somewhere in the complex had finished having sex before disposing of their waste by dropping it out the window. It’s certainly unfortunate that it landed on his car. He could be heard scolding whoever had the gall to do so in the video.

He was later seen driving his car, presumably to get it washed again. The condom had thankfully been removed from the windshield. But, it had left its mark, literally. Remains of dried semen could be spotted smeared on the glass. Some of it had even trailed down the screen, leaving streaks. “Who’s going to take responsibility for this?” he demanded as the video zoomed in on the disgusting sight. “If (my windshield) gets pregnant, then what?

Netizens too shared their disgust, while some laughed at the man’s parting joke, quipping that he would soon get a “baby car”. Others however condemned the thoughtless act, saying condoms should not be disposed of so carelessly.

Well, that couple must have had a great time. However, perhaps they could clean up their own mess next time, instead of depositing it on someone’s car.

Watch the full video here:

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