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Man cuts off manhood during highway chase with police

A Tennessee man cuts off his penis after hearing voices from the radio while being chased by police.

Gilbert, who was charged in 2020 with four counts of attempted car theft and resisting arrest by the Nashville Airport Police, was first approached by highway patrolman Bobby Johnson as his Honda Accord was partially parked in the road on the highway in Dowelltown.

Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) Trooper Bobby Johnson said Gilbert, from Cookeville, took off when officers tried to signal him with their lights.

“He was all over the road the whole time,” Johnson reportedly said, adding that at one point of the chase, Gilbert stopped his car and opened the door where officers saw that he was naked and covered in blood.

Police eventually slowed him down with spike strips and were eventually able to arrest him.

Authorities, who confirmed that the wound was self-inflicted, said Gilbert told them the voice from the radio had told him to remove his penis to save the world.

He was taken into custody and transferred to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, though it is not known if his appendage was retrieved for reattachment.    

Gilbert was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted theft of property, attempted theft of services, and resisting arrest, and was jailed on a $61,000 bond. It is not clear when he was released from custody. 

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