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Malaysian scammer unknowingly get their hands on the Police

Malaysian scammer unknowingly get their hands on the Police

Scams had always been an issue all around the world, and it had become more common since the pandemic started in Malaysia. This happened on 2 December 2020, when one of the scammers unknowingly called the private phone of a police officer. The police officer had recorded the conversation and share it with the public.

Source: MoneySense

In the conversation, the scammer poses a officer from POS Malaysia and the first thing that they will ask will be your name, identification card number and mailing address. He then continue to verify those information and he’ll tell you that there’s a package from east to west Malaysia or vice versa, and your identification card and credit card is inside the package.

To most of the people, it is not known that mailing an identification card is illegal, and the scammer uses this to his advantage. By creating fear and threatening you, they might threaten to freeze your bank accounts and they immediately offer you and option to transfer your money to one of their accounts for safekeeping purposes.

It’s at this point you will notice that your money had been transferred to a stranger’s account and the money is never coming back.

To avoid all these, it’s best that you keep calm and verify all the details that the scammer had feed them to you. Do not let them take control of the conversation or use the direct numbers which are provided by them too.

This is only one of the scams which is happening around in Malaysia. If you happen to know other kinds of scams, leave a comment below and share them with the netizens!

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