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Malaysia has 42,500 “Sugar Daddies” and is the top 3 in Asia

According to the world’s largest sugar dating site, SeekingArrangement, Malaysia has approximately 42,5000 sugar daddies in its platform. This number may not be something you can appreciate on its own.

SeekingArrangement had revealed that there are currently a total of 556,000 sugar daddies in Asia and Malaysia ranks the third. What’s more astonishing is that the Malaysia population is much more lesser than most of the countries below it’s rank.

  • India – 338,000
  • Indonesia – 60,250
  • Malaysia – 42,500
  • Japan- 32,500
  • Hong Kong – 28,600
  • Taiwan – 27,300
  • Vietnam – 12,000
  • South Korea – 7,000
  • Sri Lanka – 5,000
  • Cambodia – 3,500
Source: SeekingArrangement

SeekingArrangement’s CEO Brandon Wade explained that they serve as a platform for young and empowered women to connect with wealthier, more affluent men to bolster their financial needs and act as a mentor guiding them to a promising future.

He stated that due to the growing wealth gap in Asia countries, this had been part of the reason that push young women to seek for older men for various reasons. Given that Asian economies that are rapidly growing, there are many who are left behind.

“Thus, it is really no shocker why Asia seems to be a hotbed for sugar dating, especially among the urban demographics.”

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