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Maggi Nutri-licious Aglio Olio available now on Shopee 

Attention Maggie lovers, Maggi has released a new flavour.

Maggi Nutri-licious Aglio Olio is now available on Shopee for RM8.50 for a pack of five. This new addition is also certified with the Healthier Choice Logo, using healthier noodles and lower sodium levels which allows you to fill your belly without feeling too guilty.

This new flavour also features new noodles. Maggi has made changes to their noodle recipe by opting for Australian wholegrain wheat flour and also fortified with Vitamin B6, protein and fibre. This gives you the classic chewy texture, whilst also being balanced and clean. Paired with their new Italian-inspired pasta flavours, you will be getting a delicious, well-balanced meal when you’re in a hurry.

A whole set of five costs RM8.50. Also, should you wish to try other flavours using their new, healthy noodles, you could opt for their Tomato Delight flavour as well. The Aglio Olio uses aromatic garlic oil, giving it a mellow and savoury garlic flavour. The Tomato Delight uses a sweet & sour tomato paste, giving you a sweet and tangy flavour with each bite!

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