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Louis Vuitton venturing into mobile gaming with embedded NFTs

French fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, is venturing into the mobile gaming world with Louis: The Game.

The upcoming video game will be released as a commemoration of the company’s bicentennial anniversary, along with a documentary on Apple TV and a fictional novel.

The game follows the adventures of Vivienne — LV’s wooden doll mascot covered in the company’s monogram — as she pursues her roots in a colourful world. Along the quest, each new level will unlock fascinating stories of Louis Vuitton, of how a 13-year-old boy in eastern France started his entrepreneurial journey to build one of the biggest fashion houses in the world.

The mobile game will be released worldwide on 4 August on iOS and Android, in conjunction with the company’s founding on 4 August 1821. According to Austrian newspaper Kurier, the app will launch in both English and Chinese.

This isn’t LV’s first move into the tech world; prior to this, the brand released a UFO-shaped speaker with all the bling to make an artiste blush, along with a hefty price tag to boot.

Louis: The Game will also be embedded with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the blockchain-technology art form that has made several individuals millions of Ringgit.

As with anything embellished with the LV logo, these tokens will undoubtedly become high-value collectibles as hypebeasts scramble to own as many as possible. If you want to learn more about NFTs, click here.

As a luxury brand, there is obviously a desire to overindulge, which is why there is a documentary in the making titled “Looking for Louis” that retraces the adventures of the young entrepreneur, set to be released on Apple TV in December.

If that’s not enough, a fictional novel titled “Louis Vuitton, L’Audacieux”, based on historical facts by French writer Caroline Brognard, will be published in French in October and English in November.

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