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Local Restaurant to Close for a Day as Mothers of Boss and Employee don’t allow them to Work

Always listen to your mother!

Being in an Asian family, mothers can be loving and scary at the same time and most dare not to going against her requests or demands.

Recently reported by China Press, a well-known restaurant from Melaka had announced their closure for a day due to the spike in Covid-19 daily cases. The decision of this closure was entirely influenced by the mothers of both the boss and the employees!

According to their conversation, three of the staff members wanted to take leave on the same day and their reason was their mother was worried about their wellbeing as the daily Covid-19 cases had surge recently.

Upon receiving this message, he was agitated and reminded his employees that this is work, not a playground. As the conversation goes on, the boss finally made the decision to close the restaurant for a day.

Unexpectedly, the reason was that his mother was worried of the current Covid-19 situation and ordered him to stop operate for a day to avoid the Saturday crowd.

Read the whole conversation here!

Source: ChinaPress
  • Staff: Hello Boss! The 3 of us can’t make it to work tomorrow. There is an increase of Covid-19 cases in Melaka and our mothers don’t allow us to work. Sorry, boss!
  • Boss: So, 3 of you cannot come to work? Don’t you know tomorrow is Saturday? How are we going to operate when we are short of manpower? The economy is so bad now and you are still doing this. Can’t your guys be considerate?
  • Staff: Boss, we really cannot make it! How can I hand you the petty cash?
  • Boss: Haiyo, this is work, not a playground. You carry the petty cash with you and pass it to me when you are back at work.
  • Staff: Can I really do this? But why boss?
  • Boss: Of course! I can’t go out lately. My MOTHER said cannot too!

Do you feel the power of mothers? Whatever it is, mothers are still worried about our wellbeing, not matter at what age we are.

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