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Kris Wu career is doomed after rape allegations

Chinese hip-hop star Kris Wu has been blacklisted by the state-backed China TV Drama Production Industry Association due to rape allegations.

In a statement, the association highlighted Wu’s rape allegations and urged companies to suspend any talks with the star immediately.

The association stated that Wu should not be given the opportunity to exploit the attention and that it had zero-tolerance for celebrities with issues.

When taking in actors, it is best to do a background check on them to avoid unnecessary problems.

It said the move was to minimise risks in the system and to promote healthy development in the industry.

Influencer Du Meizhu had accused the 30-year-old Wu of raping more than 30 other women, including herself and two underage girls.

In an interview with NetEase Entertainment, she alleged that Wu had preyed on aspiring young women dangling work opportunities to bait them into being alone with him.

It is reported that at least 15 brands, including luxury car brand Porsche and streaming platform Tencent Video, have cut ties with Wu and three companies affiliated with him have been closed as of Tuesday morning following the allegations.

The end of the star’s endorsement deal with Tencent Video is significant as the big-budget costume drama The Golden Hairpin starring Wu was funded by the platform.

Insiders have said that the ruckus could cause Wu a loss of over 500 million yuan (RM327.3 million).

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