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Konami Announces eFootball, free to play

Konami has its Pro Evolution Soccer series, which is probably the only competition to EA’s annual FIFA entries. But it seems like the former is going away, as the Japanese publisher is making way for eFootball. And it’s essentially the same thing, but free-to-play.

The reason behind the dramatic change isn’t exactly clear. Konami says that eFootball is made using Unreal Engine, and that the game has new tech that’s called Motion Matching. This promises up to four times more animations, and more accurate ones at that. But it doesn’t sound like something worth ditching the identity of an entire series for.

With eFootball being the new thing, it promises cross platform play. Which means that players on PC, console, and even mobile can play together. Though that last one will be launched later than the first two. The company as a simple roadmap detailing its rollout plans for crossplay as well as other features.

Naturally, being a free-to-play title, you can expect some form of paid content down the line. Konami’s press release mentions game modes, which is a little unsettling. As for its launch, eFootball will be available on Steam, and both generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles in August. Android and iOS versions will come “soon after”, but no date was given.

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