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KL is currently experiencing temperatures as low as 23°C till mid-September

Are you feeling cold lately? You aren’t imagining things, because Kuala Lumpur recorded temperatures as low as 23°C in the early morning and nights these past few days.

This is because of the southwest monsoon season that we are currently experiencing, which brings in rain and cool weather up till mid-September.

Malaysia faces two monsoon wind seasons every year – Southwest Monsoon (late May to September), and the Northeast Monsoon (October to March).

According to the weather forecast by the Malaysian Meteorological Department below, temperatures will be as low as 24°C in the upcoming days. It is also interesting to note that these rainfalls only occur in the afternoon.

Malaysian Meteorological Department

Difference Between Southwest And Northeast Monsoon

The meaning of monsoon is the seasonal shift in the direction of wind, and not the actual rain itself. Comparing both the monsoons, the Northeast monsoon that occurs from November to March brings in more rainfall than the one we are facing now.

This is due to the origin of the winds, with Northeast monsoon coming from China and North Pacific, and the Southwest monsoon originating from the deserts of Australia.

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