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King declares State of Emergency in Malaysia

It is officially announced by our Prime Minister Muhyiddin that Malaysia will enter into a state of emergency starting today, 12 January 2021.

Prior to the broadcast, Istana Negara had issued a statement to support the Prime Minister’s suggestion that Malaysia should enter into an emergency state.

In the statement, it is explained that after taking into consideration the daily new Covid-19 cases and our healthcare system reaching it’s breaking point, the King agrees on declaring a state of emergency in conjunction with Article 150 of the Federal Constitution.

The state of emergency will last until 1 August 2021 and it may end sooner if the number of new cases is reduced to a controllable level.

Source: TheStar

However, Prime Minister Muhyiddin had assured that the state of emergency is not a form of of military coup and no curfew will be implemented. Furthermore, all public sector services will continue to function as normal. Economic activities are still allowed to be carried out, however, they are still subjected to the conditions laid under the Movement Control Order (MCO).

What makes it different is that there will be no parliamentary or state assembly sittings and elections during this period.

The Government is also empowered to take over private healthcare facilities to relieve the strain on the public healthcare system, if they deem it fit.

Watch the broadcast here and follow us for more updates!

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