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KFC gaming console, it’s finger clicking good!

KFC gaming console, it’s finger clicking good!

KFC is the popular fried chicken that we all know since young. However, we bet that you didn’t expect this coming – KFC gaming console. KFC had been in a collaboration with Taiwanese computer hardware company Cooler Master to produce the KFConsole and it comes with an uncommon feature, a slot to keep fried chicken warm.

You may think that this is one of the pranks happening around, but no. This is real. The chicken chamber idea had been submitted for patent registration too.

As you can see from the Twitter post above, there is a compartment on the front the of device to store your chicken. It may resemble a deep fryer, but KFC had clarified that the gaming console will only keep fried chicken warm, and not cook or fry it. It utilizes the systems natural heat and airflow system to keep things warm.

So much for the warmer, since it’s a gaming console, we should focus on the gaming experience it provides too. It is claimed to be able to run at 240 fps (frames per second) and supports 4K displays with 240 Hz output.

If that is not enough, it is VR (virtual reality) ready and you’ll be able to enjoy a whole different gaming experience.

The GPU is powered by by Asus and is hot-swappable and it supports Ray Tracing for rendering realistic lighting effects. It comes with a 1 TB storage from Seagate solid-state drive too.

Both KFC and Cooler Master have yet to announce when will it be released as well as the price for it, but what’s for sure is, your meal will still be warm after you’ve finish your game!

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