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“K, I no need the job. TQ”, arrogance of Job Seekers

The pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) had been causing economic issues and unemployment rates are still on the raise. With more fresh graduates coming into the employment market, it’s not easy to find a job these days.

Recently on Facebook, a netizen named Yen Nee had shared her conversation with a potential job candidate. Yen Nee is in charge of arranging interviews with job candidates and this conversation is one that makes people question their attitude.

Source: Facebook

From the conversation, Yen Nee had been doing her follow up with the job candidate and informing the job candidate about the time and venue for the interview. However, the job candidate could not make it at that time and requests to rearrange the interview at 7pm, a off-office hour.

Yen Nee had replied politely and is trying her best to arrange for it. The job candidate had replied rudely and with much arrogance.

try your best? k. i no need the job. TQ

The incident ends there and in her post, she commented that the job candidate is full of personality.

This sparks outrage among the internet and most have comment that how arrogant can the person be. Some even said that it was lucky that the company did not employ that person.

Source: Facebook

Translate: If the attitude isn’t right, there’s no need to recruit.

Source: Facebook

Translate: Recruiting this kind of people will only cause trouble, you’ve just avoided it.

Source: Facebook

Translate: Recruiting him will make yourself tired.

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