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J&T Express apologises for their conduct and clarifies that there is no paycut

Receiving damaged goods or packages can be frustrating and the process of getting either a refund or a replacement isn’t simple too. Recently, there is an incident that went viral on social media where J&T Express’s employees are hurling packages around in the sorting house.

Why did it happen?

After this incident went viral on social media, a Twitter user uploads 2 pictures of the warehouse and stated that J&T had deducted the commissions of the riders from RM1.00 a parcel to RM0.30 a parcel. Furthermore, employees are required to work until midnight to unload lorries and there is no overtime pay. This is the main reason that the employees started the strike.

Addressing the allegations, J&T had released a statement that they are fully committed to localisation development and will continuously improve the employees compensation and benefits. Regarding the incident, J&T’s policy was to pay a pro-rated bonus for those who have worked less than a year.

Unfortunately, some employees are not clear about the bonus scheme and this had led to the tragic incident and causing employees to make collective incidents, posting to social media.

Regarding the incident that J&T employees stealing food and drinks from the packages, J&T had explained that they are anticipating that there will be more packages during this festive season and hence, they’ve hired more temporary workers. Simple training had been provided to these workers and J&T admits that it is their responsibility that this incident happened.

Employees apologising

After things were being cleared between the Management and the employees, the employees that are involved in the incident had made a public apology and promise that they will clear the packages in the warehouse as soon as possible. They wanted to make it clear that they are not on a strike too.

About those who have receive damaged packages, we’ll still advice you to sort it out with the seller and the delivery service provider.

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