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Japanese lingerie manufacturer launches lace boxers for men

Lingerie manufacturer Wacoal is selling boxers made from lace for men in Japan after its initial limited product received rave reviews from customers.

Called Lace Boxer, a boxer briefs for men made with lace. The product earned 3.27 million yen (RM120,356) for the company when it was first put up for sale in November.

There are seven different colours to choose from, of which two are limited for sale at the Wacoal online store.

The company stated the portal reported that the material used to make the boxer is an original men’s lace which provides improved stretch and strength. The lace itself features a large floral pattern, finished with images of leaves and geometric motifs.

By increasing the strength of the lace, the material is said to have the same level of strength as a pair of Wacoal’s regular men’s boxer shorts. 

Besides, the transparency and breathability of lace helps to increase airflow, and the molded front section is designed to hold you securely in place, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

“The Lace Boxer enhances the beauty of the male body while its lightweight breathability provides the wearer with incredible comfort.”

“Plus, the satin waistband will turn heads when it peeks out from beneath your trousers.”

The Lace Boxer is priced at 3,960 yen (RM145) and is currently available at Wacoal stockists, Wacoal online, and Amazon.

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