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Italian ‘King Of Absentees’ Allegedly Skipped Work For 15 Years Without Anyone Knowing

An Italian man who works in a hospital is being investigated for allegedly skipping work for over a decade.

According to The Guardian, the 67-year-old man is still receiving his monthly salary despite not showing up to work for the past 15 years.

The man allegedly stopped turning up to work at the Ciaccio hospital in the southern city of Catanzaro in 2005 and is now being investigated for fraud, extortion, and abuse of office.

The total paid monthly salary he received despite not showing up to work has amounted to over €538,000 (RM2,656,532).

Source: irishtimes

Police gathered their evidence from attendance and salary records as well as witness statements from colleagues. Back in 2005, it has also been reported that the man allegedly threatened the hospital director to prevent her from filing a disciplinary report over his absenteeism.

The hospital director subsequently retired, and the man managed to continue skipping work undetected as the new director and the human resources department did not check his attendance.

Six other managers at the hospital are also being investigated in connection with his alleged absenteeism.

Absenteeism is rife in Italy. In 2016, the government had tightened laws to minimize such cases after police investigations revealed how prevalent the issue was in the public sector.

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