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Is Malaysia ready for the technology revolution of 5G?

Is Malaysia ready for the technology revolution of 5G?

The race for 5G is stiff among all countries, and this is especially true for the developed countries. We’ve seen what the 5G technology can bring to us, as pioneered by the Shenzhen city in China. Things seem to be a wonder, just like what we’ve dream about the future will be. From autonomous vehicles to smart city infrastructure and traffic management, and many more.

As Malaysians, of course we would like to see us living in such a city brought by the wonders of technology. However, the real question is, are we ready for 5G and what this technology brings to us?

Source: Atria

To answer this question, let us divide them into a 2 main segments, which they are infrastructure and commercial use.


By checking into the network coverage of the service providers, we do see that most cities and even small town have 4G LTE, however, it would depend on your service provider too. There’s also one important thing that we had noted was, there is no 5G coverage in any part of Malaysia.

As reported by New Straits Times, the deployment of 5G could possibly be delayed to 2023 and The Government of Malaysia is currently focusing on expanding the 4G coverage and phasing out 3G. From the published article, “On June 3, a few months after the change in government, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said it had been asked to cancel the 5G spectrum bands awarded to five telco players without open tender”.

With all the five telco players out of the picture, it is expected that Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) plays an important role to realise the nation’s 5G infrastructure plans. However, this involves a huge capital expenditure and TM implied that it will only make sense for the service providers to work as a consortium.

Commercial use

5G is expected to bring a drastic change in businesses. While 5G improves the internet speeds for most consumer uses like streaming videos, it is predicted that the real value of 5G is to derive information from devices. Data collection and data analysis on a real-time basis offers the potential data monetisation, cognitive analytics, and predictive maintenance.

Other uses of 5G will be application of drones. In the utility industry, drones can be used as inspection equipment, where in logistics, drones can be used to deliver goods. You can be getting your package on the next day after you’ve click the buy button.

5G could revolutionize the manufacturing industry too. Industrial automation in the current uses cables to connect and control the supply chain applications. The current 4G technology does not provide the mobility and the latency of the network is too high. With 5G technology, the machines can be go full wireless and making an efficient and smart factory.

These revolutions had been seen in the smart cities powered by 5G around the world. As Malaysia currently does not have the infrastructure to support these functions, we can only study the applications from these smart cities and implement them whenever the infrastructures are ready. As for now, there is no concrete plans from service providers or the Government of Malaysia to kick-start the 5G plans.

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