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Innocent homeowner harassed by Money Lenders for years

Buying a house is terrific news to most but not to this couple whom had made their purchase in early 2018. It is just the start of their nightmare after moving into the house around end of 2018.

They started to receive messages in mandarin with a photocopy identity card (IC) which belongs to Chang Kok Foong. It does seems like someone is collecting their debt and hence, this couple had ignored the message as they are not the person as mentioned in that message.

Shortly after that, strangers started to knock on their door to enquire whether is Chan Kok Foong staying here. It wasn’t just one or two, but they’ve lost count on how many. The couple thought that they were friends of his that did not receive a notice of him moving out of this property.

Things seemed to be normal until one day, a car passes by their home and threw something into their car porch and it was roughly 50 sheets of paper with mandarin writings and photos of the Chang Kok Foong’s IC. The matter seems heated up and they’ve requested for assistance from their chinese neighbour. It was only then that they know that he had borrowed from illegal money lenders, a.k.a Ah Long, and they are now here to collect his debt.

Frustrated by all these little actions taken by the Ah Longs, this couple called the number on the flyer immediately and threaten to lodge a police report if they continue to harass this house and the people of this house.

Source: Facebook

After that incident, the couple had encountered with different kinds of harassment and among them were locking their gates with chains. They’ve lodged multiple police reports and the police had did all that they can, by calling the Ah Longs and instructing them to not harass the people of this house.

“Bulan puasa 2020 , berlaku cubaan dari Ahlong untuk merantai rumah dari luar, kami berada dalam rumah. suami sempat mengejar dan sempat merampas kunci motosikal mereka. Mereka berjanji tak akan kacau lagi dan akan maklumkan kepada bos mereka.”

The peace lasted for a short while, and there were still Ah Longs coming to enquire about Chang Kok Foong. The couple did not lodge reports against these debt collector that came this time as they appear to be asking in a nice manner and did not harass them in any way. During their conversation, they got some insights that Chang Kok Foong had been borrowing money with falsified electricity and water bills.

Ah Longs from different companies all paid visit to them and there were at least 15 of them. This just proves that Chang Kok Foong had been going around making multiple borrowings from at least 15 different Ah Longs. While the police are unable to keep track with all of the new incidents, the couple are uncomfortable to even let their children to play just outside of their home, fearing that unpleasant things might happen.

Things got worse after the Movement Control Order (MCO) ended. Red paints were splashed on their car porch and cars. Police reports were lodge again and again and this time, the police had successfully contacted Chan Kok Foong and according to their conversation, he had lost his IC previously and it was him who’s making all these borrowings.

The explanation given were so brief that it makes it difficult for people to believe, as they do not think that Ah Long will be releasing the money to someone who’s face is clearly different from the IC. Furthermore, the Ah Longs hold selfies of Chang Kok Foong too.

According to the Inspector, they are unable to take any action as there is no proof that Chang Kok Foong is the one who’s splashing the red paint, nor did the Ah Long who did it leave any trails. However, the police had made arrangements for Chang Kok Foong to settle this issue himself, which he too had not live up to that promise.

“Kata polis lagi sebab tak de bukti mereka tak boleh huat apa2. Tiada bukti? habis tu nak suruh kami ke cari bukti? Apa guna gambar IC Ahlong yg suami berjaya tangkap masa mereka datang merantai pagar rumah hari tu.”

After much complaints mentioned to the inspector, they’ve advised them to put up a notice stating that the house is no longer owned by Chang Kok Foong and it was being sold to them.

The case had not been settled as of 1 Jan 2021 and they have received a new debt collecting note from another new Ah Long. The couple had suspected that Chan Kok Foong had made new borrowings with the falsified electricity and water bills again.

The nightmare had lasted for 3 years and is still on-going. They wish to viral their experience staying in there and hope that they will be able to see a brighter future, and not living in fear.

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