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If you own this Gigabyte PSU, you can change it for free

One of the important things for a high-powered desktop computer builder is, the selection of a quality power source or PSU.

Recently, it was reported that two PSU models from Gigabyte, namely the GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM received a lot of criticism because some exploded when tested or damaged upon arrival.

To answer public questions, Gigabyte came up with an official statement. According to Gigabyte, their two PSU models, the GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM are facing problems due to their security function, namely “Over Power Protection” or “Over Power Protection” (OPP).

The OPP acts like a fuse in that it will turn off the PSU if it detects too much power flowing inside the PSU. Both of these models have been set to activate OPP when it reaches between 120% to 150% of the normal level. Meaning, around 1,020W to 1,300W for the GP-P850GM, and 900W to 1,125W for the GP-P750GM.

However, high-powered tests made by media partners (probably referring to Gamer Nexus) are very close to OPP, but not high enough to activate it. However, this puts too much pressure on the PSU, leading to component damage.

As a safer measure, Gigabyte has changed the OPP level on both lower PSU models. The GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM will turn itself off when it reaches power around 110% to 120% of the maximum rate, namely: 950W to 1050W for the GP-P850GM and 825W to 925W for the GP-P750GM.

Gigabyte also explained that the use of high-pressure tests on PSUs does not indicate normal world use.

To give peace of mind to users who already own this Gigabyte PSU, they are now offering free returns and replacements for the serial numbers listed below:

Gigabyte GP-P750GM: serial number between SN20243G001301 to SN20453G025430

Gigabyte GP-P850GM: serial number between SN20343G031011 to SN20513G022635

According to Gigabyte, if the serial number is not listed, it means its OPP level has been changed to a new level. For owners in Malaysia, you can contact the Gigabyte Malaysia Service Center or Gigabyte Malaysia customer support service on their website first.

Naturally this is a step that Gigabyte should take as there are too many reports of problems arising. However, it does not answer the question of why many PSUs from the same model, are unusable or damaged when they arrive in the hands of the buyer. In fact, Nexus Gamers also reported an explosion at 60% power level, instead of exceeding the normal level. It also happened within two minutes after the test was run, not too long as Gigabyte stated.

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