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Human Trafficking victims warned the public to think twice before taking high paying jobs overseas

Be wary of advertisements promising jobs overseas with high pay. This was the message from two men who fell victim to human trafficking syndicates.

The two were talking to reporters via a video call organised by the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department, while currently being detained at an immigration detention camp in Cambodia.

One of the men who declined to be named said they were duped by a local syndicate with the promise of high pay.

“They really promised us high pay to work abroad but when we went over we realised everything was fake. “They forced us to work as online scammers,” he said, adding that he missed his family back at home.

He said they were treated badly by the syndicate in Cambodia and were relieved when authorities finally caught up to the syndicate and detained them.

Another victim said when they reached Cambodia, all his personal documents were seized by the syndicate.

“I was also forced to become an online scammer by the syndicate. “We are now being held by authorities at the detention camp but they are treating us well,” he said.

Both men said they hoped they could go back home soon.

The press conference was attended by national MCA Youth executive secretary Goh Boon Huat and MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

Chong said he has received over 40 similar cases of people being held by syndicates abroad.

“Now I am also getting calls from parents asking me to advise their children not to fall for such offers.

“I have spoken to some of these youngsters but they are reluctant to believe me when I tell them that these are all promises made by scammers.”

“They ask me how I know that the offers they receive are bogus and tell me that the only way for them to know for sure is to go there and find out,” he said adding that this was the reason that they organised the video call with the victims so that the public knows what will happen to them if they fall for these scams.

Chong said a total of eight Malaysians were currently being detained by authorities in Cambodia while two others were expected to fly home soon.

“Malaysian ambassador to Cambodia Eldeen Husaini Mohd Hashim has submitted an appeal to the Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister to urge the authorities to release these Malaysians and send them home,” he said.

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