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Huge tree falls on Myvi yet passengers escape unharmed

Malaysians can agree on Myvi’s status as the King of the Road, as the locally-made car has been spotted multiple times in unimaginable situations.

The tales of Myvi continues this new year, as the ubiquitous vehicle was part of an unfortunate accident that saw a huge roadside tree crashing suddenly upon it in Kuala Lumpur. Despite that, all passengers in the car managed to escape without any injuries.

On 4th January 2021, netizen shared a 1-minute video of a Perodua Myvi getting hit by a falling tree at a traffic light junction in KL on the Facebook page DashCam Owners Malaysia.

The incident took place on 31st December 2021 at around 4.30PM. The accident involved two cars – the Myvi and a Honda Civic. The tree had apparently fallen due to rain and strong winds reported in the area around 2PM.

The video shared captured the moment a huge roadside tree fell unexpectedly on a black Myvi at a junction, just when the traffic light was about to turn green.

Passengers can be seen leaving the car immediately after the incident.

Thankfully, everyone was unharmed, as confirmed by Kosmo in the same article. Several concerned road users were also seen rushing to check on the condition of the affected car and the passengers towards the end of the video.

Since its posting, the viral video has garnered over 1,300 reactions and more than 900 shares at the time of writing. Many netizens sent their prayers and well wishes for the survivors.

At the same time, people also complemented the Myvi for its sturdiness that played a major role in protecting the passengers from potential injuries.

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