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How You Can Check And Retrieve Unclaimed Money From The Government

Wang Tak Dituntut (WTD) or unclaimed money seems like it shouldn’t even be a thing. But the reality is, as adults, we have no choice but to deal with many different employers, insurance, bank accounts and other financial related services.

Therefore it is actually not that surprising that some people may have forgotten about their unclaimed money, which the government keeps under the Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia (AGD). 

Here’s how you can check if you or your family members too have any unclaimed money.

The first thing you need to do is register first with eGUMIS. In short, before you make a claim, please register to login to eGUMIS first. So if you’re checking for your unclaimed money, you would need your own IC. If you’re checking for someone else, you need their IC. If you are also helping them retrieve the money on their behalf, you need to provide supporting documents. 

As of December 2020, the AGD had RM8.75 billion worth of unclaimed money waiting to be retrieved.

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