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How To Look As Good As Vera Wang When You’re 72

The name Vera Wang is huge in the Hollywood celebrity scene. Her designs are often seen on the red carpet of the most glamorous events from the Oscars to the Golden Globes while her bridal gowns are coveted by the biggest stars.

Her sublime creations have appeared in movies and TV shows while the designer herself had even made appearances on screen, notably Ugly Betty. Her influence in pop culture is undeniable.

To celebrate her turning 72, and looking as fabulous than ever, she is the go-to designer if you’re aiming for classic elegance and modern sophistication.

At that time, the now-72-year-old revealed that her secret to looking good is Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, and not much sun”.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not exactly.

Vera shared her lifestyle habits which she says help her maintain her youthfulness.

“The people I work with are all very fit, so that pushes me to ‘work out’ too,” Vera said, before going on to share that she’s “not very keen on going to the gym”.

Instead, she opts for exercises that are lighter in intensity, like running on a treadmill, or riding her bike. When it comes to weights training, she only lifts either two-pound or three-pound dumbbells, for less than five minutes a day.

And her favourite form of exercise is golf, which she counts as a “stationary exercise”.

“ I’m terrible [at golf] but enthusiastic,” she said.

But to Vera, the most important factor isn’t exercise. Rather, it’s her diet.

“My favourite thing to eat for breakfast is an omelette with a little toast and maybe a slice — just one — of bacon.” she said.

As for lunch, Vera usually has chicken soup, with lots of vegetables, while dinner is usually a home-cooked Chinese meal.

Sometimes, she’ll opt for something different, like sashimi with brown rice, or boiled cauliflower with chicken and rice, or an artichoke salad with fish.

Oh, and she definitely indulges in a cheat meal every once in a while.

“I have a storeroom just for candy, another for cornflakes, and one for Cheetos and goldfish crackers, which I dubbed as my ‘Orange Food’ storeroom, I’m a potato chip fiend,” she said.

But one thing that she definitely does not indulge in any more is Diet Coke. “I gave up Diet Coke six years ago, that was one of the toughest things to do,” she said, adding that she now drinks water instead.

Well, water and a vodka cocktail.

And finally, Vera says she takes time to wind down at home after work.

“My night only starts after I take a very long hot bath. I’ll light some candles, turn on the news, and try to catch up on what happened that day. That’s the only time where I can really breathe, it’s a really important [part of the day] for me,” she said.

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