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How much should you Exercise per week to keep Healthy?

How much should you exercise per week to keep healthy?

Having sufficient exercise brings so much benefits to your health and we are always encouraged by doctors to do so. Landing on this article would mean that you have doubts on whether are you exercising enough to keep healthy. Without any delay, let’s dive into this topic.

According to NHS from UK, we should do at least the following,

  • Aim to be physically active everyday
  • Do strengthening exercise which covers our major muscles
  • At least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity a week; and
  • reduce time spent sitting or lying down or just not doing anything

These points sounds reasonable reasonable and pretty simple to do right? Then let us continue with what kind of exercise that we can do to ensure that we reduce the risks of having cardio and other disease.

The suggested activities for moderate intensity includes  jogging, hiking, swimming or even mowing the lawn. Whereas, for vigorous intensity activities includes running, aerobics and gymnastics.

Don’t forget about the sports that everyone loves. This includes badminton, basketball, football, table tennis, and much more.

However, if you’ve got fitness aims or weight lose targets, you’ll need to put more effort into exercising and burning the excess fats away. You might need to ramp your exercise up to 300 minutes or more.

In short, to keep healthy is to keep exercise and move around. Reduce that sitting or procrastinating time and you’ll move towards a healthier and fitter body.

Have you exercise enough? Drop a comment below and give your fellow Malaysians some fitness tips that you know!

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