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Here is why some Malaysians can own a Blue Passport

Apparently Malaysians can have a passport-shaped booklet, with passport-type prints, and passport-type pages, but it isn’t exactly a passport… because it’s blue.

To keep it simple, it’s just a border pass for Thai’s and Malaysians. Travellers from Malaysia and Thailand can now use this border pass to enter the two countries.

Now that basically everything is opened and travelling/tourism is becoming a norm again, this little blue book can be your express pass to Thailand if you’re planning to travel by land and want a cheaper alternative (its only RM10).

Meanwhile, this pass is only for citizens born in 4 Malaysian states, namely: Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Hulu Perak. You have to be a resident living in either one of those states and can only apply if you’ve lived in said state for more than a year.

Travellers or tourists who wish to use this pass need to apply through the Thailand Pass web portal 24 hours prior to their departure. The pass is valid for a year and those who use the pass are only allowed to stay in Thailand for a maximum of 3 days.

It’s budget-friendly, can be done online (skip the queue), and you get a cool blue “passport”! Plus, Thailand is a beautiful place for vacation and can be an amazing place to unwind and have some relaxation time.

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