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Hardworking Foodpanda Rider Earns RM18k In Just 2 Months

Food delivery services such as Foodpanda and GrabFood were considered more of a luxury service when they first started. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced us to stay at home, these services become a fixture in our lives. Because of these companies’ ubiquity, the plight of their delivery riders has become a heavily discussed topic over the internet.

Until recently their salaries are becoming another hot topic, as a photo showing a Foodpanda delivery rider’s earnings has gone viral online. The photo showed that the rider in just 2 months, earned a whopping total of RM18,004.04.

A photo showing the hard-earned salary of an unnamed Foodpanda delivery rider was shared on several social media platforms by netizens shocked by the numbers shown in it.

Image credit: Safwan Seth

The photo indicates the hours worked and orders completed by the rider, as well as his salary of RM18,004.04 that he’d earned in just 2 months.

While the numbers look amazing, it’s important to note that the rider clocked in a staggering total of 735 hours and 28 minutes during these 2 months. That’s about 12 hours a day, every single day, even on weekends, and Christmas and New Year’s Eve too.

And if you break down the total number of deliveries he completed – 2,651 deliveries in 61 days – it works out to about 3-4 deliveries per hour. On average, the rider would’ve been paid about RM6.79 per order, coming up to an hourly rate of RM24 as well during these months.

This meant that there would be little time for a break while working, which is already a common occurrence among food delivery riders rushing to complete orders within regular working hours.

In his lengthy post, Lim further argued that being a Foodpanda rider is not as easy it seems. To show just how difficult it is, he shared photos of various injuries from accidents he was involved in while on the job – from scrapes and bruises on his legs and stomach to wounds with stitches on his arm and forehead.

Alongside with injuries riders are prone to on motorcycles, and the lack of breaks during busy work hours, they also have to work under the sun and rain, and spend hours in a day waiting on restaurant vendors and customers who can be rude and impatient as well.

Image credit: Wilsiong Lim

This viral photo and story of these Foodpanda delivery riders are more proof of their hard work at this time, and we can’t help but applaud them for their rewarding jobs that aren’t always as easy as many might make it to be.

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