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Grandma loses around RM300,000 for not keeping money in the Bank

People from the older generation may prefer to keep their cold hard cash in biscuit tins, rather than putting them in the bank.

This Malaysian grandma had bring this practice to the extreme by keeping stacks and stacks of money in a Milo tin.

A post which was shared in a Facebook Group, Penang News Group, had gone viral after netizens saw that stacks of cash being destroy by pests. It was reported that the grandma suffer an estimated loss of at least RM300,000.

In this video, the man said “All the notes that I’ve taken out here have problems. There’s RM10,000 in one stack, and there are a total of 23 stacks, so that’s RM230,000.”

Aside from the stacks of decomposing cash, there are bundles of cash rolled or folded, and these too had falling into fragments. These bundle seemed like they are around RM15,000 or even RM20,000 a roll. This suggests that the total losses could be way more than the initial RM230,000.

To avoid all these, it’s best too keep your savings in the bank and if you see your grandma or grandpa keeping money in tins, show them this!

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